Used for processing wood when you don’t have an axe. Stand your log upright and bash the spine down into the log with a sturdy baton. Use a steady stump or piece of wood to absorb the impact. Don’t use a stone as this could damage your blade, or even make your knife skid off it.

Removing Bark

Some outer and inner barks can be used as tinder, and have other uses, too. You may just want to remove the bark before processing your wood for, say, a campfire, too. Wet bark can simply be shaved off. Otherwise, cut a square into the bark and dig in with your knife and peel it off.

Feather Sticks

Great for exposing more surface area so that your wood will catch fire more easily. Remove the bark and shave your wood all the way down, holding your knife at a slight angle, stopping just beofre the bottom.

Wood Shaving

Remove the bark from your piece of wood and scrape shavings off it by running your knife along it at a 90 degree angle.


Good for making stuff you need around the campsite, or just for fun. Get your wood into basically the desired shape, then start making more precise cuts.

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