Things to Consider When Choosing a Campsite

The time of day is gonna play a large part in choosing a site. If you’re camping in an area for the first time, and exploring it, you want to be setting up camp long before it gets dark. Here are things to look out for when choosing. You may not get all, but try to get some.

1: Water

Having a water source nearby. Stagnant water: insects and viruses live in it.

2: Trees

Deadwood and fallen trees are used for fire and building structures. Trees: beware of branches that could fall on you, especially during storms, as well as larger trees that might fall over. Check for rot, be extra careful in storms.

3: Terrain

Flat ground is ideal for pitching your tent. Need to avoid valleys etc since flash flooding can be an issue. Avoid being too close to water. Think about direction of tent and also about weather/sunshine/heat.

4: Plants and Funghi

Used for food and embers and antiseptic. Only advisable if you know what you’re doing.

5: People and Animals

Avoid game trails and paths people often take.

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